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PCR Plastic Laminate

Swisspac’s 100% recycled LDPE film is made from post-consumer recycled (PCR) material. The carbon footprint is approximately half that of conventional plastic made from virgin fossil fuels. Not suitable for food contact.

Compatible Style

Stand Up Pouches
Flat Bottom Pouches
Side Gusset Bags
Spout Pouches
Centre Spout Pouch
Vacuum Bags

Compatible Printing Technologies

    • Rotogravure
    • Digital
    • Static
    • Sticker (Label)

Sustainability Properties

Fossil fuel reduction

Reduces the amount of virgin fossil fuel content 

Carbon reduction

Reduces the total greenhouse gas emissions caused by production and delivery

Recycled plastic

Contains mostly recycled plastic content

Recyclable plastic

Recyclable in the plastic waste stream

Nontoxic Inks

Water or biobased inks than do not require petroleum-based solvents


Frequently asked questions

Can recycled products be recycled again?

Yes they can. Swisspac’s recycled films and paperboard materials are recyclable. Recycled plastics are able to be recycled in either dedicated PE streams (#4) or via in-store collection systems such as Red Cycle. All recycled paper products are kerbside recyclable.