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PP Recyclable Transparent laminate

Swisspac’s compostable Plantmade™ laminate with a paper finish is home compostable and made from a blend of materials derived from eucalyptus and cassava root. It has a high barrier to both oxygen and moisture and is suitable for use across a number of different industry applications.

Compatible Style

Stand Up Pouches
Flat Bottom Pouches
Side Gusset Bags
Spout Pouches
Centre Spout Pouch
Vacuum Bags

Compatible Printing Technologies

    • Rotogravure
    • Digital
    • Static
    • Sticker (Label)

Sustainability Properties

Recyclable plastic

Recyclable in the plastic waste stream

Nontoxic Inks

Water or biobased inks than do not require petroleum-based solvents



Mono Material Polyethylene