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Printed Rewind Rolls

Printed rolls come in a variety of materials, including options with a transparent window, ultra-high clear transparent window, white opaque, and metalized variants. These rolls also feature high oxygen and moisture barrier properties, catering to diverse packaging needs. These versatile rolls find applications across a wide range of industries, making them suitable for packaging food, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and cosmetic products.

For custom printed rewind rolls we have two different printing technologies.

(A) Digital Printing

  • Minimum quantity 100* pieces in sheet form / 5000* pieces in roll form.
  • There is no cylinder / No printing plate cost.
  • Full colour edge to edge printing is possible. Variable data capability (names, addresses, unique QR code, sequential numbering system).
  • Ultra short volume run is possible.

(B) Flexographic Printing

  • Minimum quantity 10000* pieces.
  • Most economical on low to high volume runs.
  • A larger variety of material types with custom print finishes is possible.
  • Precise colour matching in pantone shades.